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Currents provide brief summaries of the latest advances in medicine or clinical practice related to diabetes or hypertension and include links to additional resources.







  1. AHA, AMA Call for Implementation Strategies to Address Declining BP Control in U.S. - November 2023
  2. Update on Chronic Kidney Disease in People With Diabetes - October 2023
  3. Morning and Evening Antihypertensive Dosing Show Similar Cardiovascular Outcomes - September 2023
  4. Update on the Staging and Management of Heart Failure in Diabetes - August 2023
  5. HCTZ and Chlorthalidone Found Similar for Cardiovascular Event Prevention - July 2023
  6. Rosuvastatin Found Better Than Supplements for Lowering Cholesterol - June 2023
  7. Older Adults Frequently Undertreated for Hypertension - May 2023
  8. Smoking Prevalence Increases With Each Additional Social Need - April 2023
  9. Four Drugs Found Beneficial for Glycemic Reduction in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes - February 2023
  10. Support for SGLT2i Use in Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction - January 2023
  11. Update on the Diagnosis and Management of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease - November 2022
  12. Update on E-Cigarettes and Cardiovascular Disease Risk - October 2022
  13. Updated USPSTF Recommendations Focus on Individualized Initiation of Aspirin for Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease - August 2022
  14. American Heart Association’s Scientific Statement Focuses on Cardiovascular Risk Reduction in Adults With Type 2 Diabetes - June 2022
  15. U.S. Adults Experienced Significant Increase in Blood Pressure During COVID-19 Pandemic - May 2022
  16. Underrecognized Impact of Pollution on Cardiovascular Disease: NEJM Review - April 2022
  17. Latest ADA Standards of Care Provide Updated Screening Thresholds and Opportunities for Personalized Therapeutics - March 2022
  18. Report Highlights Negative Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on U.S. Obesity Rates - February 2022
  19. National Kidney Foundation and American Society of Nephrology Recommend Race-Neutral Formulas to Diagnose Kidney Disease - January 2022
  20. American Diabetes Association and European Association for the Study of Diabetes Consensus Statement Highlights Importance of Accurate Diagnosis and Management of Type 1 Diabetes in Adults - December 2021
  21. TODAY2 Longitudinal Study Demonstrates High Burden of Long-Term Complications in Patients with Youth-Onset Type 2 Diabetes - November 2021
  22. American College of Cardiology Releases Guidance to Address ASCVD Risk for Patients With Persistent Hypertriglyceridemia - October 2021
  23. Study Shows Efpeglenatide Lowers Cardiovascular Disease Risk in High-Risk Patients with Type 2 Diabetes - September 2021
  24. Study Shows Significant Glycemic Improvement in Basal Insulin-Treated Type 2 Diabetes Patients with Continuous Glucose Monitoring - August 2021
  25. Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes Increase Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors and Future Development - June 2021
  26. American Heart Association Recommends Actions to Reduce Lower Extremity Amputations - May 2021
  27. Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Improves HbA1C and Blood Pressure - April 2021
  28. Social Determinants of Health in Diabetes: An American Diabetes Association Scientific Review  - March 2021
  29. Prospective Cohort Study Finds Both Artificially Sweetened Beverages and Sugary Drinks Associated with Increased Cardiovascular Disease Risk - January 2021
  30. Black Patients with Apparent Treatment-Resistant Hypertension May be at Risk for Underutilizing Evidence-Based Pharmacologic Treatments - December 2020
  31. Community Health Workers and Telehealth: Improving A1C Levels in Patients with Diabetes - October 2020
  32. Diabetes and COVID-19: Optimizing Care and Support for People with Diabetes During a Pandemic - August 2020
  33. Support for ACEi and ARB Use in the COVID-19 Era  - July 2020


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